Who we are

Avalon is run entirely by volunteers and survives solely on donations and grants.

Our aim is to meet the unmet needs in society and help people who have slipped through the cracks. Put simply, Avalon assists those who have been forgotten, overlooked and left behind. This includes the homeless, people with mental health and physical problems and disabilities, the elderly, refugees and anyone else who may benefit from our support.

Services offered at Avalon include Avalon Homes for the Homeless, Avalon Drop-In, Clothes & Bedding Distribution and Avalon Day Trips. Avalon also offers individual support.

Meeting unmet needs

Our vision is to provide hope, stability and support for the most vulnerable members in our community, through a range of programs and the ongoing tailored support for the residents from Avalon volunteers and partners.

Avalon Homes For The Homeless

Our goal is to provide affordable homes with ongoing tailored support for the homeless.

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Clothes and Bedding Distribution

We provide clothing, bedding, toiletries and shoes to people who are living on the streets who are disadvantaged, living in low economic conditions or who are Asylum Seekers.

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The Avalon Drop-in

Avalon has run the Drop-In programme for over 26 years. Come along to relax in a warm and welcoming environment, have a cuppa, meet new friends or catch up with old ones.

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A Day With Avalon

Avalon’s mini bus, ‘The Moving Heart of Gold’, goes on outings to an array of interesting and exciting locations.

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Get involved

Donating to Avalon means you are supporting a small charity that is run solely by volunteers and donations. Your support will help keep our buses on the road, provide warmth to the homeless, and offer opportunities to people with disabilities. In short, you will be making a difference to people’s lives and providing hope and happiness to many.